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Dormant Account Policy

As per our policy for “Inactive Client Accounts”, we treat a client Inactive if he/she does not work for 2years. Such clients, if they want to work in the future, are required to furnish fresh supporting documents for the data regarding their KYC.

Moreover if a client does not work for 3 continuous years his/her agreement with us, we terminate their client code and if they wish to work again in the future they are required to execute fresh KYC Agreement with us. We have introduced a term “Dormant Accounts” for the clients who have not worked for 6 months at a stretch. Such clients, whenever they wish to trade for the first time after lapse of 6 months since their last trade with us (until their account is rendered inactive), shall have to serve a request letter for allowing them to trade. The request can be placed by sending an e-mail as well. Such clients are also supposed provide us with details and documentary proof if there has been any change in their KYC Information available with us.